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Meowy Studio Loo Modern Cat Litter Box - All in One Cover Litter Filter Plate Scoop and Holder, Aspen White

$ 157.24

Aspen White
  • 🐱 BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Modern simple design accents your space
  • 🐱 SMART - Litter catcher keeps your floors clean
  • 🐱 EASY CLEAN - Rinse with water. Wipe dry. That's it!
  • 🐱 CLOSED STRUCTURE - Effectively blocks odor
  • 🐱 QUALITY MATERIALS - High quality ABS plastic is scratch resistant and durable

Made from 100% recyclable ABS plastic, our design incorporates a handy litter catcher, so you no longer have to worry about the mess your furbaby leaves behind. The closed-structure box is sleek and stylish but also combats nasty smells by blocking the odor in the tray. Our tray is easy to clean with a simple rinse-and-wipe solution, which will keep you feeling zen every day.