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Folding Treadmill for Home Electric 3.5 HP Foldable Running Machine W/Incline

$ 767.31


Why Choose OBENSKY Treadmill? OBENSKY is a professional manufacturer of Sports Goods and Industry Goods. Maybe you want to keep exercising every day at home. But you don’t want to buy an expensive heavy treadmill. Then OBENSKY 2.25HP treadmill will perfectly fit your needs! Compact design allows you to fully save area. The assembly-free design allows you to start your exercise plan as soon as you get it. Silent high-strength motor makes it high performance while not noisy at all. We are committed to meeting people's health needs and making healthy living easier. At the same time, we have invested heavily in product development, improvement and innovation, and have developed more new products. At OBENSKY, we talk and listen to our customers and value every constructive feedback from them to improve our products and services.

  • 【3.5HP Powerful Motor】: Our folding treadmill for home has a 3.5 horsepower motor delivers 0.5-8.5 MPH and ensures stable operation under a 330LBS load. Motor runs quieter without disturbing others. Five-layer non-slip running belt is more durable and quieter. One-piece compression technology provides a smooth and fluid belt joint.

  • 【With 0-2.6° Adjustable Incline】: Our foldable treadmill with incline can simulate an outdoor running environment by adjusting the incline angle of the treadmill, accelerating fat burning and giving you a better workout experience.

  • 【16.5IN Widen Belt】:Comfortable running experience, the treadmill's sturdy construction and strong materials ensure stability, even during high-intensity workouts. The large running deck can accommodate different stride lengths, pedaling frequencies and running techniques. Runners are free to adjust the stride and speed according to their preferences and needs, making training more flexible and diverse.

  • 【Intuitive Controls and Easy Operation】: The folding treadmill features a user-friendly interface with intuitive, direct-access buttons for start, stop, program selection, speed control and more. Stay connected and motivated during your workout with Bluetooth and app compatibility. The portable treadmill monitors heart rate with a built-in pulse sensor and displays both basic exercise metrics and tracking run data on a large, clear and comprehensive LCD screen.

  • 【Reliable After-Sales Support】: Since 95% of the assembly work is already done upon delivery, the Incline Treadmill for Home requires minimal installation work. In addition, prompt and reliable customer service ensures that any post-purchase questions or inquiries are addressed in a timely manner, and we will respond to your questions within a day.