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Sweet Kiss Red Lipstick Style Neck Gaiter

$ 30.65

Add some fun to your wardrobe with this creative and uniquely you design or give it as the perfect gift. This neck gaiter comes in 2 styles; 1 and 2 layered, whilst 1 layer Neck Gaiters are lightweight and more flexible, 2 layer style is thicker and provides more warmth. Both styles have a filter pocket and come with a 5 layer PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter *Not meant to provide medical protection* You can also remove the carbon filter and use it as a standard neck gaiter. The neck gaiters’ tubular shape gives them a versatility that allows them to be moved up to the face and cover the nose and the ears and pulled down back to the neck. 1 Layer Neck Gaiter Sizes:XS / S: 8.66” x 15” (22cm x 38cm) M / L: 9.84” x 17.32” (25cm x 44cm) XL / 2XL: 10.62” x 18.11” (27cm x 46cm)2 Layer Neck Gaiter Sizes:XS / S: 9.44” x 16.14” (24cm x 41cm)M / L: 10.23” x 17.32” (26cm x 44cm) XL / 2XL: 11” x 18.89” (28cm x 48cm)- Slip through pocket for carbon filter- Can cover nose, mouth and earsFABRIC- Layer 1 - 210 GSM 2 way stretch 82% Polyester 18% Lycra ** Please note that the 7th layer on the 1 layer Neck Gaiters consists of only the filter pocket on the front.