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5×3 Ft.Patio Metal Shed, Lockable Garden Shed for Outdoor Backyard Patio Storage

$ 148.74

Actual Color

If you are looking for stylish and quality shed for your patio, Devokooutdoor metal shed will be your perfect choice. Made of high-quality steel, this outdoor shed is strong and stable, while the delicate color can better decorate your patio.The steel plate is made by three processes of galvanizing, painting and laminating, making it easy to clean and prevent rust and corrosion. The lockable design of this storage shed provides more security for stored items. This ingenious metal shed takes a little time to assemble. Each steel plate and component has been carefully designed to allow you to easily assemble them into a complete structure, rain proof and sun protection.This outdoor shed will provide ample storage space for garden tools, weeding equipment, outdoor decorations, large toys and anything else you can imagine that needs to be organized. Its also ventilated and moisture-proof, and can also be used as a deck house where you can be alone, a den for your pets to rest, and a place where trash cans are transferred. Devoko is committed to adding highlights to your outdoor space and making your outdoor life more comfortable, hope this shed can also make your home life better

  • Well-crafted Materials

The steel plate has undergone a triple process of galvanizing, painting and coating, with selected steel accessories and plastic protection, making the shed sturdy, functional and durable

  • Delicate Structure & Color

High-strength materials, stable structure with a sloping roof, and reasonable assembly links allow this metal shed to withstand the test of various weather, while the color adds decor to your patio.

  • Ample Storage &Versatile use

This storage shed has a 61”×34.2”×64.1” storage space, which can hold a lot of things and meet your various storage needs. It can also be used as a pet house and a garbage room

  • Fulfilling Assembly Experience

It will come with detailed assembly instructions, as we prepared a complete set of assembly tools for you, it is recommended that you assemble it with a helper after reading it carefully.


  • Brand: Devoko
  • Color: Brown & Black
  • Material: Galvanized Steel, Polypropylene(PP)
  • Overall Dimensions: 63.3” ×34.2” ×71” (W×D×H)
  • Door Dimensions: 24.8” ×61.2”(W×H)
  • Arrives in Tow Box